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The San Quentin (Sunken Tin)

The San Quentin Dive Specs

Depth: 10-16m
Classification: Open Water Certification and Up, Good for Photographers

An impressive wreck and one of Subic’s most beautiful dive sites, the San Quentin was scuttled in 1898 to block the entrance of Subic Bay during the Spanish-American war.

Storms and erosion have flattened most of the ship, leaving the bow and stern sections easily recognizable, as well as the large upright steam boilers. A thriving artificial reef has emerged from being underwater for more than a century and has transformed this wreck into a dive site covered with a large growth of soft corals, sponges, crinoids, a dazzling array of fish and invertebrates.

Over 20 species of nudibranch have been identified here. It is an easy dive in only 16m of clear water. It is situated next to a pleasant coral reef, that is home to some very large specimens of Giant Clam. One of our most popular dives sites with underwater photographers and videographers. On a clear day you will see her from the boat.

Starts at: Php1,500

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