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Wreck Diving in Subic Bay

Subic Bay is known in the dive community as having one of the largest collections of shipwreck sites in the Philippines. Historic records currently list 19 wrecks dating from the Spanish-American War to the Second World War.

These dive sites were closed to recreational divers until the US Navy's Subic base closed in 1992. The sites range from beginner all the way through to Technical Wreck divers.

Scuba diving on an old shipwreck is an adventure and each wreck is unique. We like to explore 9 of the ships here that offer the best dive experiences. Choose your wrecks based on depth, historical period of interest, and the marine life you want to see. We’ll be happy to make recommendations if desired. Each dive begins with a short presentation on the wreck you’ll be exploring and what special features you should look for.

Formula 40 - Depth: 50m Full Dive Spec

Barges - Depth: 18-35m Full Dive Spec

USS New York (ACR-2) - Depth: 16-32m Full Dive Spec

El Capitan (USS Majaba) - Depth: 4-22m Full Dive Spec

The San Quentin (Sunken Tin) - Depth: 16m Full Dive Spec

SS Oryoku Maru (The Hellship) - Depth: 22m Full Dive Spec

Seian Maru - Depth: 16-32m Full Dive Spec

Japanese Patrol Boat - Depth: 16-26m Full Dive Spec

Landing Ship Tank (LST) - Depth: 30-36m Full Dive Spec

Landing Craft Utility (LCU) - Depth: 9-22m Full Dive Spec

USS Lanikai - Depth: 34-36m Full Dive Spec

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