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SS Oryoku Maru (The Hell Ship)

SS Oryoku Maru Dive Specs

Depth: 22m
Classification: Advanced Open Water, Experienced Divers

Originally a cargo liner, the Oryoku Maru was used by the Japanese navy to transport Allied prisoners from the Philippines to Japan. During transport, the ship was not marked as a prisoner-of-war transport and she was hit by an American air-raid in Subic Bay and sunk close to shore on December 15th 1944 with 1,620 American and British prisoners on board.

More than 300 prisoners died during the short transit from Manila and the sinking of the vessel, thus giving the Oryoku Maru a nickname of “Hell Ship.” Of those who escaped from the sinking ship, the remaining majority subsequently died of harsh treatment, malnutrition and disease during their transport to Japan. Fewer than 200 prisoners remained alive when the Japanese finally surrendered and the war ended.

The wreck lies only 500 meters from shore near Alava Pier at a maximum depth of 27 meters. It is mostly tangled wreckage due to demolitions to protect passing shipping. It often has the worst visibility of all the Subic dive sites, due to its proximity to the outflow of the Kalaklan River.

Starts at: Php1,500

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