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Barges Dive Specs

Depth: 4-35m
Classification: Discover Scuba Dive to Advance Open Water

The Barges Subic dive site is without question one of the most unusual and also fascinating of the underwater tourist attractions in Zambales. If you want to take a break from the other usual sites that you have been exploring, this is the site to visit.

The name of the place was derived from the large number of barges that were put in its place by the American Forces. The barges and pontoons have been scattered about and you will see that it has been divided into sections. Generally it has been segregated into two main components. Looking over the Barges Subic dive site, it resembles the shape of the letter T with the left side slightly higher; the left is set at 18 meters the right 30 meters.

The barges themselves go down as far as 35 meters (over a 120 ft). They are quite a site to behold, and the sands on which they rest also make for wonderful views. The biggest attractions here though are the assorted marine life that frolic in the area.

Starts at: Php1,500

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